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Simple Captcha

  • FileSystem Usage Removed for the secret code storage
  • FileSystem Usage Removed for the image storage, images are now rendered on the fly
  • No third part dependency(NO API call!)
  • Works Perfectly with Multiple Clustered Servers
  • A completely local application based CAPTCHA
  • Provides various styles of captcha images
  • Provides different levels of complexity in images


Repository svn://
License Rails' (MIT)
Rating (101 votes)
Owner Sur
Created 7 February 2007


  • JM
    3 January 2008

    This plugin is now using a directory of 26 jpeg images instead of distorting a single generated image with rmagick... but what would prevent someone from downloading these images, then running a checksum comparison against the images grabbed for the captcha to determine which letters were being displayed? Isn't this a step backward?

  • Avatar
    9 January 2008


    the set of images have been removed and after getting numerous emails, I have included RMagick's functionality back into the plugin to provide various image styles and the different levels of distortion. Still, the images are not saved on the filesystem but will be rendered on the fly.

    See more details --

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